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Maniesh Paul donates blankets and heaters to the senior citizens of old-age homes!

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Maniesh Paul has always been at the forefront of noble causes and has contributed to the society in his own way. This time, the talented actor and celebrated television host has decided to bring a smile on the faces of senior citizens.

Maniesh, who loves visiting old-age homes and orphanages, regularly visits a school for visually-impaired and helps them in whatever way he can.

A source says, “Few days ago, Maniesh’s father, who is based in Delhi, told him about a nearby old-age home that houses 250 people. The roof of their home had been damaged because of which people in the house were facing a harsh winter. The actor is arranging for blankets and heaters for them. He has also decided to build a proper roof for their home.”

“Maniesh always keeps packets of biscuits in his car which he gives to the urchins because he feels it’s better to give them food instead of money,” the source adds.

The actor informs, “Honestly, I don’t talk about it. I believe in giving, God has been kind and I do my bit.”

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