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Indian Telly Talks on the eve Independence Day!

Indian Telly, Independence Day

TANYA SHARMA : “I am proud Indian. We all enjoy freedom here. As per me freedom is a condition in which people have the opportunity to speak, act and pursue happiness without unnecessary external restrictions. Freedom is important because it leads to enhanced expressions of creativity and original thought, increased productivity, and an overall high quality of life. We all should respect freedom as we gain it with many sacrifices”

SANCHIT SHARMA: “There is no such thing as absolute freedom, especially within large political jurisdictions such as cities and countries. All freedom requires compromise between the rights of the individual and the goals and obligations of the state. As a result, there are many laws, regulations and judicial pronouncements regarding the ideals of freedom and the details of how it is to be practiced. Jai Hind!”

SHASHANK VYAS: “Definitely cleanliness and hygiene starts from self. I never throw garbage here and there, keep the plastic bags with myself until I see any dustbin. I also encourage others to do so. I see government sweepers doing their job honestly every morning. That means, the blame is on us, not on government.”

PARAS BABBAR: ” Freedom in the mind, Faith in the words, Pride in our hearts & Memories in our souls. Let’s salute the nation on Independence Day”

JAYA BHATTACHARYA : “I am proud Indian. Thankful for being born here. Striving in my own small ways to help its  needy citizens nd animals included in every way possible because I hv the courage understanding nd power of mind nd soul to help bring betterment. I love the diversity and mixed culture unique to my country”

ROOP DURGAPAL: “I wish all my fellow Indians a very Happy Independence Day. This day should hold extreme importance for every Indian, as after several years & lots of sacrifice, we got independence. It should never be forgotten & must be cherished. We all must do our bit to help our country progress & stay safe & united. Jai Hind”

AMRAPALI GUPTA: ” The idea of freedom is complex, and it must be redefined and defended anew by each generation. Moreover, the value of freedom can only be understood and appreciated by those who have a sense of the past and a highly developed understanding of human nature. All too often, people who live in freedom tend to ignore its fragility and take it for granted. Conversely, people who have not been raised within a long-standing tradition of freedom have trouble understanding and implementing it in their society. However I am proud Indian that we enjoy democracy but Indian Government should take more care in terms of safty for female members. So that we all can enjoy the absolute freedom.”

YASH SINHA: “We all should work towards economic freedom for one n all without prejudice. Real freedom is  when everybody lives happily without any fear. Jai Hind”

HIMMANSHOO MALHOTRA: “As a responsible citizen we all are required to obey the rules and regulations not because we will get punished if we don’t do that but because by doing that we ourselves set an example for others and next generation to follow. Always lead by example!”

GARIMA JAIN: “Freedom and respect for oneself is very important. We live in a society where people can’t get complete gappiness through it. A girl living out of hometown, earning at a early age and spending time with male friends would never be considered in a good way so I just wanna say we have complete right to enjoy ourselves.Please let us be free and enjoy the freedom. Jai Hind”

SHIVIN NARANG: “As a responsible citizen, I can follow laws, obey traffic rules, pay taxes on time and initiate any social movement like Swaccha Baharat Abhiyan. It’s good for you as well as the government. One can also contribute to various NGOs and help others on personal level. Basically, as citizens of India, our job is to follow the law and order.”

AAMIR ALI : “As a citizen of this country, I have tried to do my best in my capacity. Right from Paying taxes to not doing anything wrong that would have created a bad impression of India. In return, I hope and pray that we get better infrastructure.”

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