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Indian Panorama films highlight social issues and popular Goa culture

Indian Panorama films, Goa

New Delhi: Indian Panorama section at IFFI 2015 is showcasing a stellar line up of Indian films which have strong storylines and explore the different aspects of society and culture. The films screened in Feature category are hard-hitting stories that showcase the audience a background of society in a captivating manner. The festival is hosting a notable list of Indian filmmakers from different regions who are connecting with their fans to know the feedback on their films. Today, in a press conference held at the venue, the filmmakers Satarupa Sanyal, Suhaas Surykant Bhosale and Bardory Barretto shared their experience at IFFI 2015 and interacted with media and audience.

Filmmaker Satarupa Sanyal’s film Onyo Opalaa was screened in Indian Panorama feature section. The film is a story of a lady Opalaa who is married into an aristocrat family and got to know that her husband is sexually involved with Ananta, the family priest. Opalaa insults the priest which causes his death. That same day she learns something new about Atanu that changes her mind and her world. The film perfectly touches every emotion that portrays the regret, relationship and realization in a perfect manner. Satarupa said, “Patriarchy always values the body of a woman but not her soul or mind, and for ages she has been considered as nothing more than a reproductive tool. This is made even worse when a person is unaware of his other gender identity.”

Another film ‘Koti’ made the audience emotional and hit the right chord in the context of social issues like gender biasness and gender equalities. Directed by Suhaas Bhosale, the film is a story of a family in rural India where the elder son is a transgender. Ashamed of his feminine ways and unable to face the social ostracism, the father decides to send him away. However, the younger son, who loves his brother very much takes a stand and tries to resist the family. The elder son is caught between the opposing forces of his love for his family and his gender identity that he has no control over. Director Suhaas Bhosale said, “I have always thought that creativity in film is using an imperfect medium to portray a perfect message. I first heard this story from a friend and felt that this would be best way to give a positive message about the third gender.”

The screening of Konkani film ‘Nachom-ia Kumpasar’ saw huge audience enjoying every minute of the movie. Directed by Bardroy Barretto, the film is a tribute to Goan music and musicians. Narrated through the emotional rollercoaster of a love story destined to tragedy, it celebrates Goan music through the eyes of its eclectic generation of musicians in the 1960s and 70s, who lived and died unrecognized, unappreciated, and unsung. Talking about his movie, Bardory Barretto said, “The film weaves its narrative through 20 timeless Konkani songs that convey the timbre and texture of a pitch and rhythm they made their own.”

The 46th International Film Festival of India is screening 47 films in Indian Panorama section. The festival will conclude on November 30 at Goa.

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