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“I am in this industry to work and not to get into silly controversies”, says Tanya

Tanya Sharma

Tanya Sharma one of the confident, sweet and most talented among young girls, we have on small screen. The petite and vivacious diva Tanya Sharma is seen essaying Meera one of the leading girl in Saath Nibhana Saathiya.

Recently, Tanya was in every lips for gossips like not to continue her studies further, not warming up with her on screen sister Vidya ( Sonam Lambha) and now for dating her co-actor Kunal Singh (Shravan).

Tanya sharma talks on the rumours she has been caged to. she adds, “I am in this industry to work and not to get into silly controversies. I’m just thankful that I got the show saathiya. That’s all I think about it and not like the friction is working only because of me. I think people have taken my reel character really seriously. In real life I’m not like Meera. I’m just Tanya, Simple 20 years old girl who tries to give her best in whatever she is doing whether it’s acting or studies. I’m just tying to manage it. And after putting so much of hardwork when you listen about your so called rumours which are absolutely stupid and false. It’s hurting that you try to do ur best are being ignored and people are writing anything they want.”

She concludes saying, “people who have spread rumours that I have got air that the show is working because of me should actually first get to know that it’s not easy to work in a show which has been working for 6years successfully,it actually requires a lot of hardwork, which I have genuinely put in and I will continue to put my efforts and do my best no matter what”

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