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How Shreya Naik made Akshay Kumar proud!

Shreya Naik, Akshay Kumar

Shreya Naik along with her sister is enrolled in the Women’s Self Defence Centre which has been set up by Akshay Kumar along with Aditya Thackeray.

Last week at around 6.30 pm, Shreya was walking back from her work place where she’s interning as part of the project for college. While walking through a particularly deserted lane in Andheri, she saw a young man in a waiter’s uniform leering at her.

Shreya says, “ He suddenly came close and pounced on me. I started hitting him with one hand and with the other hand I was trying to call my mother to come down, as my house was just about 30 seconds away. He tried snatching my phone away as he didn’t want me to alert anyone. I caught his hair and gave him a ‘ hammer’, a style of attack taught to me at the centre. He started pleading with me to let go, saying ‘ Bas haath hi lagaya, aur kya kia…’. I caught hold of his collar and started dragging him towards the main road. He was trying hard to get away but I held on to his collar. Later, some people helped me and one person called the police.

Within 10- 15 minutes the police arrived and he was arrested.” Confirming the story, Nalawde, the senior PI of D N Nagar police station, registered the FIR.

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