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Hope Mumbai will open their hearts and watch Daddy’s Daughter “Abhimanyu Chauhan”

Abhimanyu Chauhan

“Daddy’s Daughter” directed by Abhimanyu Chauhan premiered in Mumbai on Thursday, during interaction with media persons he said that, He hopes too much from the audience of Mumbai to opens their hearts and watch the film.

When asked to Abhimanyu, what are his expectations from the Mumbai audience he said, “People in Mumbai don’t watch films from their hearts they only thinks about the numbers. I just hope that today they will open their hearts and watch the film for pure entertainment. It is like a dream to came true for my film to be premiered in Icon, which is a hub for movies in Mumbai.”

Talking about the movie and its content that has been talking of the hour, director said, “Fathers need to stop keeping distance from their daughters, that is the only way to stop teenage girls from being exploited. Fathers are very close to their daughters as kids, but when they start growing up they subconsciously begin to feel the missing gap. And without intracting, they fulfill the desired need of attention from the guy who says they like her. That’s what my film ‘Daddy’s Daughter’ talks about.”

The film has already been premiered in the city of Lucknow, when asked about its response the director said, “We had got a great response in Lucknow, audience were blubbering after watching the film. The audience felt to be connected by their hearts with the content because it’s so engaged to our life. As a father and as a daughter you came to know what the film is talking about. I read a few online reviews and they too enjoyed the film. People’s who don’t get emotionally attached to the story but still they had such a strong reaction by film’s content.”

The film directed and written by Abhimanyu Chauhan stars Mithilesh Chaturvedi, Farheen Khan, Garima Rastogi, Shubham Saxena and Ravi Sharma.

Produced by Sonika Singh, Deepa Verma and Vimla Yadav the film initially released in Lucknow in February 2018.

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