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Ashvini Yardi spotted at Waaris Party

Ashvini Yardi, Waaris, Party

Ashwini Yardi’s new show, Waaris is set in the rural hinterland. It talks about two warring clans, the Pawanias and Bajwas. We are introduced to a stressed Amba Pawania (Aarti Singh), who is pregnant for the third time.

Ashvini Yardi, Waris, PartyShe already has two daughters and is dreading the thought of having a third daughter. Family members and neighbors take continuous jibes at her for not being able to produce a male heir.

Ashvini Yardi, Waris, PartyHer husband, Charan Pawania (Iqbal Khan) is okay with having daughters. However, he also believes that a male heir is necessary to retain peace and power. He is a hard-working, peace-loving and religious farmer.

Ashvini Yardi, Waris, Party

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