Anna Hazare Felt His Flashback Watching Me Enact Anna In The Biopic: Shashank Udapukar

Actor, Director Shashank Udapurkar who has recently enacted most famous social activist “Anna Hazare” in the biopic film, shares that…

Anna Hazare, Biopic, Shashank Udapukar

Actor, Director Shashank Udapurkar who has recently enacted most famous social activist “Anna Hazare” in the biopic film, shares that he has also enacted Sambhaji in his biopic, which is yet to release. And shared both the characters in respective biopic are too different. He shared the views how his life got changed doing film ‘Anna’.

Shashank said, “In my second biopic film, I am enacting Sambhaji, son of historical ruler Shivaji. Playing two completely opposite characters, from silent Anna to violent Sambhaji. Biopic on ‘Anna’ and ‘Sambhaji’ altogether opposite characters. The changeover is amazing.”

Actor said it is too early to speak about Sambhaji biopic and shared his views on biopic ‘Anna’.

Actor Shashank said, “I could see a change inside me as a human being after doing the film Anna. When Annaji himself told me that he felt like he was seeing his flashback after watching the film, I felt very satisfied as a filmmaker and as an actor. I am very happy with the huge public and critical appreciation, I got for the film.”

He explained what interested him to choose the topic and how difficult it was to make the revolutionary leader agree for his biopic.

“The transformation of a less educated man Kishan Baburao Hazare to a dynamic leader Anna Hazare seemed awes-trucking for me. Annaji initially denied saying that many directors had already approached him and asked me to make films on Swami Vivekanand or Gandhiji .

I answered him saying that these people are like God for us but our generation believes that Annaji can end corruption in our country and promised him to deliver his message by the film. After that he finally gave his consent to make the film.”, Shashank said.

He added, “Earlier, I never understood why Aamir Khan or Naseeruddin Shah take 2 or 2.5 years to do a character. Now after doing Anna, I realize that one has to forget oneself and live the character mentally and physically. I had also increased 10 to 12 kilos for this character. But it took me time to reach to the simplicity of Annaji.”

Writer and actor Shashank Udapurkar’s shared about his yet to release second biopic based on Shambha ji’s life. After doing two biopics on 2 revolutionary men, Shashank spoke about his love for biopics and appreciation for today’s audience.

“The benefit of a biopic is they are well written character and people know the final result. So we get reactions immediately. Biopics are being made and appreciated also throughout the world. Today’s youth is the best audience. They have all the mediums to not only see Indian films but also world cinema. Their judgement is very fast.”

He believes Indian cinema is at a beautiful stage now, “Directors like Anurag Kashyap or Rajkumar Hirani are blessing in disguise that they have given a new face to Indian cinema..”

Actor Shashank Udapurkar who has acted in several Marathi films and also directed the film “Anna” told media about his inspiration while directing a film.

He said, “As a director, I don’t want to follow anyone because story comes from the heart which mind approves and we put it on celluloid and I want to continue this journey.”