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Amit Gaur alternate food business!

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Mumbai: Amit Gaur aka Tarun Kapoor of Swim Team has developed an alternate business of healthy food in the city. The brand is called SVA, which is a Sanskrit name for the soul.

“My love for healthy food and the absence of genuine, unpretentious healthy food motivated me to support the founding of SVA,” said Amit “We started this business over a year ago. I think there’s a genuine dearth of healthy food in the city and I wanted to encourage others to make wiser choices in eating and staying fit. To me it’s only an extension of what I have always believed in: “Staying healthy and being fit is the right way to live”.

The TV actor is very health conscious and famous for his fitness. Revealing the story behind this unique business Amit said,”My sister Aditi has been a national level athlete like me and both of us have always eaten healthy and played a lot of sports. She was always recommending healthy food to her friends and they pushed her to start a business to bring her ideas and creations to a much wider audience. She has always tested her creations on me, asking me for advice on taste and I was happy to support her in the creation of SVA to bring her delicious recipes to more people than just our friends who were absolutely loving what she was whipping up in the kitchen. From no-bread burgers, grain-free noodles and quinoa sushi we were the first ones to introduce these to Mumbai and all of them are the result of her drive to create healthy food. She is so picky that she even creates her own dressings and sauces to go in the meals instead of relying on fattening store-bought dressings and sauces.”

As promised, SVA manufactures and sells vegetarian healthy meals (mostly gluten free) that includes salads, no-bread burgers, grain-free noodles (made entirely from vegetables) and organic quinoa sushi. “We are also well-known for our dairy free, sugar free Almond Milk, Pistachio Milk and Pumpkin Seed Milk. We take great pride in being one of the very few companies in India that don’t use sugar in any of our meals or beverages. We only use natural sweeteners like Dates, Figs or Honey to sweeten our Nut Milks. Our cold-pressed juices are made entirely from raw fruit and vegetables instead of fruit concentrate and we don’t add any flavours, thickeners or stabilisers to enhance the taste or texture of any of our beverages. We are committed to giving people a truly healthy and natural meal/beverage,” informed Amit.

At the moment SVA offers a bespoke service to customers, some of the beverages can also be found at The Four Seasons Hotel. High demand for the healthy and tasty products has motivated Amit to launch Mumbai-wide delivery very soon. Ever since SVA was launched, the team received so many inquiries from different parts of the country, requesting to ship to them that they are exploring different options slowly and steadily.

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