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Why Bigg Boss celebs fail to make it big after the show!

Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss may be India’s number one reality show! But history has it that most celebs do not know how to handle the instant fame once they attain stardom from it. They are unable to propel themselves to the next level and fade and fizzle out, or return to their past status over time. So why does this happen?

“It is not only important to be a star, but crucial to maintain the buzz and constantly grow from it. And that’s where the maximum ‘BB returns’ falter,” remarks Bollywood PR guru Dale Bhagwagar who has handled the media for a full 20 contestants since the first season.
Bigg Boss
“The instant success and newfound fan base, largely consisting of diehard, fanatical, nasty and fickle-minded idolizing Twitterati, goes to the heads of many. They cease professional PR activity after the show, assuming they have arrived. In all this adulatory frenzy, what they don’t realize is that Bollywood industry circles work on different parameters,” analyzes the public relations expert.

“After enjoying the powerful Bigg Boss platform, the participants forget to draw up a PR strategy to sustain the momentum required to build their careers further. But the worst scenario is for those who lack the knowledge, focus, vision, guidance, contacts and connections to promote their careers after the humongous hype,” explains the publicist.

True! Given the kind of publicity the contestants get, including weekly attention from megastar host Salman Khan, it would be very important to streamline and channelize their future imaging and branding plans with foresight. Even the show’s winners have lacked that.

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