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Today whatever I am is all because I studied in Hindi medium school says Vishal Bhardwaj

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Noted filmmaker and writer Vishal Bhardwaj launched Nikhil Sachan’s book named ‘UP 65’ on Wednesday in Mumbai. While interacting with media, Bhardwaj stated whatever he is today is all because of he studied in Hindi Medium school.

Bhardwaj’s almost all films are based on certain book, talking about his fondness with literature, Bhardwaj said, “I studied in Hindi Medium school but as we all know still English is regarded far more superior language in our country so I had huge complex of that but slowly I overcame that as well. Now I think, today whatever I am is all because I studied in Hindi medium school otherwise I wouldn’t be able to read writings of Sur Das, Kabir Das and many more. I have achieved a lot of in the industry because of my love with literature and I am very happy that god has written screenplay of my life like this”

Vishal Bharwaj’s last film Rangoon which starred big names like Saif Ali Khan, Shahid Kapoor and Kangana Ranaut but it didn’t able to create magic onscreen, talking about failure of Rangoon, Bhardwaj said, “I feel wasted, not bad. We work very hard on each film but when your film couldn’t reach out to public then it is certainly not a good feeling to have. This happens with my every film. Film journalist has criticized my previous film like Omkara, Maqbool, Saat Khoon Maaf but I feel that perspective has gone. People who criticize certain films, but after specific period of time, people tend to appreciate the same movie and vice versa.”

The only thing which is in your hand is doing your work honestly and other than that we shouldn’t think about any other things. I only feel bad when my physical and mental effort to make certain film get wasted”

Talking about his upcoming project, Bhardwaj said, “I am producing a movie named ‘Sapna Didi’. My assistant Honey Trehan is directing that film who is also a casting director. Deepika and Irrfan are working in it and it is based on Husain Zaidi’s book ‘Mafia Queens of Mumbai’”

Talking about blurring lines of commercial cinema and content based cinema, Bhardwaj said, “I think that line is blurring because big budgeted films are not working and at the same time small films are doing good business. Now surprisingly, audience has been evolving rapidly in terms cinema viewing. Film like ‘Dunkirk’ doing great business as compared to films of any big star in India.”

“There are films like Hindi Medium, Bareilly Ki Barfi who are doing really good business so now there is no differentiation of commercial, non-commercial or art cinema. If you film is good then people will watch it and if it is not then people won’t. Now star is secondary and content is king so what better can happen than this. This is the best phase of film industry.”

Kangana is grabbing lot of headlines these days for making some bold statements about her past, talking about Kangana as she has worked with Bhardwaj in Rangoon, Bhardwaj said, “I can’t comment on Kangana’s recent statements as I haven’t heard anything of that but as far as I know her, Kangana is very professional girl. When she was going through her personal conflicts, if there was any other actress in her place at that time she would have left that film midway to resolve her personal matter but Kangana was shooting for my film when media consistently reporting about her personal life and that was tough time for her but she is absolutely professional as she never told me to halt the shoot while entire shooting of the film”

Nikhil Sachan’s ‘UP 65’ is a giveback to Banaras and BHU for all that these two places has given him. The story revolves around how Nishant, an IIT BHU student finds his love, friends and purpose in his life.

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