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SNIPPET: ‘Jigariyaa’ actor Harsh Vardhan Deo to play the gangster in a short film!

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Actor Harsh Vardhan Deo, who played the role of boy-next-door in his Bollywood debut with ‘Jigariyaa’ has literally gone through a 360-degree transformation. He will be seen as a ruthless gangster in the upcoming short film ‘Neelofar’.

When quizzed, what made him say yes to play a rustic character onscreen, Harsh said, “I believe in experimenting and reinventing myself with every project. When I was approached for ‘Neelofar’ I said yes right away because, the story so gripping and my character so challenging.”

He further added, “This short film is different because it is the first of its kind in this format- ‘A Gangster Drama’. And it has been shot like a proper feature film with the best of talent coming together.”

Harsh will be seen playing the role of quick witted gangster Zafar, in ‘Neelofar’. Talking more about his character in the short film, the charming actor quipped, “I will be seen as a fearless, street smart, flamboyant yet old school in his thinking gangster in the short film. This is all I can reveal as of now.”

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