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Sheila Sandhu’s Acceptance has a very strong message!

sheila sandhus acceptance has a

The word adoption itself has been taboo for decades as many older folks and long term believes of Blood is thicker than water takes precedence. With the world advancing in leaps and bounds it is amazing how these thoughts still remain strong in today’s generation.

The choices have most definitely increased for couples who can’t have kids of their own due to whatever medical, technical or any other reasons. They now have the options of either Surrogating or IVF treatments of which the latter is not guaranteed.

The very thought of them spending time, effort and money to get a child is astonishing when in actual there are so many kids out there who need a good home, loving parents and a family. Why is this third option not weighed upon seriously?

Producer/Director and Story Writer of Short film ACCEPTANCE Sheila Sandhu has beautifully showcased adoption and the problems plus perks of doing so.

Acceptance though doesn’t seem to make heads turn at the local film festivals as yet but has made waves in the international circuit. It has won Accolades from LA Shorts, Canada Shorts , Women’s Only Film Festival( Brazil), Accolade international film festival (LA), Virgin Spring (Kolkata) and awaiting some more results in the near future.
Its a beautiful short story told in 15 mins of how a recently orphaned child is adopted at a hospital by Arti who has just delivered he r first child. Arti did not take a second thought to foster Aida a 5 year old and neither did she consult her husband Rajeev.

After a couple of years Rajeevs built up frustrations makes him force Arti to make a decision of either her own family or Aida. Arti chooses Aida and leaves with their son in tow as well.

Rajeev looking for his family ends up with Arti’s dad and what he had to hear from his father in law changed his whole live and perspective.

It’s a beautiful short film that can only be appreciated if you are open to Humanity.
Sheila Sandhu wanted to dedicate this film to all those known names in the industry who have selflessly adopted like

Trailer of Acceptance

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