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Pop Diva Sophie Choudry has a strong message on the current music scene in Bollywood!

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After singer Armaan’s Malik public spat with Sonakshi Sinha expressing his displeasure on the latter & other actors singing & performing at the over-hyped Justin Bieber Concert, with mixed reactions from the industry supporting either of the two. In recent times, celebrities haven’t shied away from stating the obvious & put forth strong messages on their social networking websites.

Actress, VJ, Singer & a Pop Diva, Sophie Choudry has stuck around for quiet sometime now in the Indian music scene & has given some smashing hit singles with her recent single, ‘Sajan Main Nachungi’ that turned out to be a Bachelorette anthemn last wedding season. Today when we celebrate, World Music Day, the singer posted on her social networking site a subtle but powerful message;

‘I am beyond blessed to do what I love..On #worldmusicday I pray that non-film music gets as much love & support as bollywood music. I’m still known & remembered for #EkPardesi #MeraBabuChailChabila #JadugarSaiyyan because pop videos used to rule! Time to go back there again! Yes those were remixes and film music is a huge part of us. But artists must be allowed to express themselves through all kinds of music & the media, radio stations, TV channels, music labels must encourage that!’

Sophie Choudry recently entered the Bollywood playback sing, singing the French vocals in Aditya Chopra’s film’s title track. The actress cum singer who’s living out of a bag…literally with her live singing gigs all across the globe sure has a relevant point to make.

Sophie shares, ‘We all love film music. I perform all the filmi hits at my live shows. But I miss the time when we would hear and see equal amounts of pop and film. Slowly non-film is picking up but artists need more support from channels and music labels. And videos need to showcase the artists.. not just feature movie stars otherwise what’s the difference.”

Rumor has it that Sophie has been recording new songs and is ready to release her new single soon. Can’t wait to see what the diva comes up with this time!

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