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Nude video leak: Radhika Apte tweeted, “I have not reacted or given any statement”

Nude video leak, Radhika Apte, tweet, reacted, statement

Mumbai: Recently, Bollywood actress Radhika Apte has been under media talk in relation to her nude video leak from a short film and the chapter is over as the director has filed a police complaint but it was a hard time for the actress to handle the situation.

Well, this video has raised many questions in the mind of people and the statement which reached the spotlight added the stars to the issue.

As per Hindustan times actress Radhika Apte said, “I saw it and laughed it off because it is really funny… I am really busy. I can’t waste my time doing that. My family and I never get affected by any of these things. So it just doesn’t bother me.”

But now the situation has again got a controversy when the actress said over twitter that she has not made any statement in media.

She tweeted, “Just to clarify I have not reacted or given any statement to any news outlet.”
Well, let’s wait for the updates and see what next takes place. Keep surfing Bollywooddhamaka for more news updates.


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