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Not only Farhan Akhtar, even Milkha Singh could be proud of The Faith Runner

Samir Singh, Farhan akhtar, Milkha Singh

When Farhan Akhtar brilliantly transformed himself for the epic Milkha Singh-movie Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, it was a delight to watch his wondrous feat. But not all achievers get the mileage Bollywood stars get.

Above Farhan Akhtar in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag Image Courtesy Google Below Samir Singh running in Mumbai.

Like what Samir Singh is doing for a hundred days is yet another mind-boggling adventure in itself. Samir is not an actor, nor is he prepping for a movie. He’s purely a runner and like all runners, in awe of the legendary Milkha Singh — The Flying Sikh. And because of Samir’s strong spiritual beliefs and his faith in Lord Krishna, he’s fondly called The Faith Runner.

Samir Singh running in Mumbai. Pic 1

Around three months ago, the ultra marathoner embarked on an inconceivable journey of pushing human endurance to the extreme. He undertook a mission to run 100 kilometers every day for 100 days within Mumbai, covering a total distance of 10,000 kilometers.

The Faith Runner, Milkha Singh, Farhan Akhtar

Such an extraordinary feat has never been attempted before by any long distance runner anywhere in the world — which makes Samir the first to conceive and attempt this grueling format in distance running. As of this week, he has successfully completed 80 days.

Samir Singh running in Mumbai. Pic 3

Moreover, he has been accomplishing this run without help from any support group, organization, physiotherapist, masseur, dietitian, nutritionist or media coverage. The only support he has had until now is from his younger brother who cooks for him and some contributions from his well-wishers in the running community.

Samir Singh running in Mumbai. Collage 2

Interestingly for Samir, filmmakers Vikram and Vandana Bhatti, a brother-sister duo of Marathon Films, who happen to be running enthusiasts too, have begun a Facebook campaign called The Faith Runner (with the unique title coined by Vikram Bhatti). www.facebook.com/TheFaithRunner/.

Samir Singh Pic 2

Here’s hoping that more and more people of the world come together to celebrate, salute and applaud this unsung athlete as he creates history.



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