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December 1st is Worlds AIDS Day. Every year World AIDS Day events take place across the country to raise awareness and show support for people living with HIV. India has an estimated 21.17 lakhs people living HIV(PLHIV), among who 6.54% are children less than 15 years of age and 40.5% are women. Only 43% of these (919141) are currently receiving antiretroviral therapy(ART) despite strong systematic evidence to test and treat all without delay. Not providing ART after testing someone positive for HIV is proven malpractice and counterproductive public health-wise. Diagnosing and reaching out to each PLHIV in the country will reduce opportunistic infections like TB and have a broad spectrum public health impact too.

Dr Sunita Dube Chairperson MedscapeIndia says” HIV is still persisting in our society due to patients lack of knowledge, follow up and ignorance of the disease and further being complicated by lack of accountability by the treatment providers. We are eye washing the real facts of HIV and that the stigma of HIV continues with infected persons”

Aryan Medical and Educational Trust- MedscapeIndia has always been in the forefront on its outreach to patients and come out with innovate and unique ideas to create awareness in areas like HIV. Be it Doctors Students, Celebrities-no one is left behind to carry forward the fight and stigma related to HIV in India. With a nation of Two Hundred and Fifty thousand healthcare professionals this is the only organisation in India which has brought all the specialties on one platform and focused on bringing the entire healthcare community together for a social contribution.

Other Celebrities who have spoken on World Aids Day for the betterment of the society:

DIVYANKA TRIPATHI: I feel like for world AIDS day it is very important that celebrities do participate in such awareness campaigns because common people follow suit of artists and celebrities. I feel if the celebrities set good examples even common people would pay attention to such a cause and would come out to help AIDS patients and accept them freely which is much required by the society today.

VIVIAN DSENA: I feel yes it does make an impact on people when celebrities do awareness campaigns because people listen to celebrities as they are connected to celebrities.

ADAA KHAN: I guess celebrity involvement for these kinds of campaigns is a great idea. In India, people are crazy about actor and cricketers. They also fight for their favourite stars. If such celebrities can use their popularity for good cause, it would be wonderful.

RAVI DUBEY: Definitely, I think when celebrities do awareness campaigns it makes better impact on public. Yes, it is dreadful disease however things have changed dramatically for all the diseases and this being a part of it. I remember an article said a doctor quoted that he would rather have AIDS in these times than diabetes. This is controllable disease now. With lot of awareness we can always contribute to the cause.

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