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“Man is not what he thinks he is, he is what he hides”

We have heard about many stories of Men from all over the world who believes in Male dominated Society and suppressing women in whatever way possible and believing women are inferior to men, they are born to follow them , to look after their families, and less powerful than them in any aspect that can be compared.

I came across so many men like these but this man which this article focuses on, is someone completely different from these male chauvinists.

He was born and bought up in a small place, in Maharashtra called Parbhani, apparently living with a joint family in 21st century with high morals and beliefs. This guy was unlikely a guy who dreams big but hated his looks and believed he will never make it big in a city like Mumbai where crores n crores of people come to fulfill their dreams.When he landed in city of dreams, Mumbai he met so many people, many turned out to be his good friends but out of all suddenly one day he met a girl who seemed to him a girl from a lower class, seemed to him girl from a pandit family, ( the guy shares) sounds strange but true.

He never knew the girl whom he felt more pity for her,few years back, would turn out to be one of his most important priority of his life.

This guy was named Kharusd by that girl, because of his rude behavior and attitude towards that girl. Even for the girl, she never knew the guy who ill-treated her, behaved with her so rudely most of the times will be one of her reason to live and make her believe in herself all over again.

Their combination was a very difficult one to digest for most of the people around. More than friends they were known as fighters ( not wrestlers, word to word fighting), since they always used to end up fighting, may be it was because the girl and the guy natures were completely different from each other apart from one thing, they both believed In serving the society and make people happy around them.

The girl always believed Kharusd’s personality to be rude, egoistic, full of attitude and arrogance like those typical small town male chauvinist till one day when she found out he behaved very differently to all other people around him, be his college friends, his crush , his relatives, his not so known people whom he met less frequently. She wanted to know the reason behind the same.

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