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Guess who gave Baba Siddique some great advice for his annual Iftaar celebration!

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It’s that time of the year again where the biggest stars meet under the same roof at Baba Siddique & Zeeshan Siddique’s annual Iftaar dinner.

This year’s dinner will be a special one, as it was for the second time, that women from the field of business, films and politics will grace the occasion.

Very few know that it was Salman Khan’s idea to have the iftaari celebration with both men and women.

Traditionally, it is an occasion that only men come together to celebrate but Salman his sister Alvira Khan Agnihotri and manager Reshma Shetty suggested having the guests attend with the women in their families.

Apart from being the only Iftaari to have men and women attend, Baba Siddique’s dinner will be a congregation of people that include the biggest names from cinema, politics and business.

When contacted said Baba Siddique, “It was Salman Khan, Alvira and Reshma Shetty who suggested that we invite women for the Iftaar celebration. This Iftaar dinner is the only one to have women break their fast along with the men.”

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