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It’s going to be quite a tough competition for Shah Rukh and Akshay while hosting says Salman Khan

Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan

Actor Salman launched season 11 of Bigg Boss on Tuesday in Mumbai. While interacting with media, Salman stated that this time around it’s going to be tough competition for Akshay Kumar and Shah Rukh Khan when Bollywood’s three super stars will be hosting their respective show on television at the same time.

Akshay Kumar will be hosting The Great Indian Laughter Challenge on Star Plus and Shah Rukh is all set to host Indian version Ted Talks o Star Plus and around that time Salman is also hosting 11th season of Bigg Boss so when asked about how does it feel when three super stars of the country will come together n television at the same time, Salman said, “They are amzing. Shah Rukh is great host. Akki (Akshay) is also really good. He has got really good comic timing and he is very witty. Shah Rukh has got swag, style and charisma”.

On lighter note, Salman added, “So it’s going to be quite tough competition this time for them”.

When asked Salman what is his expectation from 1th season of Bigg Boss, he said, “I feel contestants shouldn’t misbehave when they are on the show but I feel it’s not in their control either because team of Bigg Boss really torture them in the house. It’s the most difficult format that anyone can ever do. In this show, you need to have patients, will power, sensibility and knowledge to survive in the game.”

“We don’t want filthy fights in the show because it’s coming on the television around 10 PM. Kids and senior people watch our show. Small fights can be understood but sometimes they go overboard that is something I don’t think anyone f us like”

“Contestants want to come in and they want to revive their career. They want to get noticed and they want to be celebrities, so it’s not good for them as no one wants to work with someone who is unpleasant, unprofessional who has got foul tongue and language”

When asked him who is he expecting to come on the show to promote their film, Salman said, “Now I hope team of Judwaa 2 will come on show to promote their film. Jacky (Jacqueline), Taapsee and varun will come and we are going to have lots of fun and I also will be promoting my upcoming film Tiger Zinda Hai.”

When asked Salman what changes he want to make in format of the show, Salman said, “I feel first week’s eviction on the show is bit unfair because these guys want to know each other and till their true colors come out and person is trying to adjust in that atmosphere and suddenly that person is evicted from the house so I think we as a team should think about that”

When asked Salman what is reason why he has been hosting season of Bigg Boss, he said, ‘I like the format. I like the connect. Even I complaint about it on Saturdays and now on Saturday and Sunday but I enjoy it. I get learn a lot form the show I get to learn how to react sometimes and how not to react. I have started how to breathe”

“I love that love-hate relationship that keeps me hooked on to Bigg Boss. I don’t think there is any better show than Bigg Boss on Indian television. I get so many calls that who is going into the house so it creates huge buzz about when it stars and how every week people get evicted from the show”

Theme of the latest season of Bigg Boss is ‘Padosi’ (neighbours) so when he was also asked about best padosi he has. To which he said, “I stay on the ground floor and the closest neighbours are my parents who stay at the first floor. I think I have the best padosis in the world.”

When asked who amongst the current lot he would like to have as neighbours, Salman said, “I am happy with Waheeda aunty being my neighbour.” Salman was also asked if given a chance to take a case of Bollywood celeb neighbours, then what would he do. His answer will put you in splits – “Ahhh, Next question. I have become a little smart now, thank you (to media). There is no one like that.”

Bigg Boss season 11 will air from 2nd October, 10 pm on Colors channel.

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