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Farah Khan will show the mad side of Bollywood stars!

Farah Khan

Farah Khan and Ali Asgar launched their upcoming show ‘Lip Sing Battle’ on Thursday in Mumbai. While interacting with media, Farah stated that Audience will be able see made side of Bollywood stars in her upcoming show.

When asked what audience should expect from this show, to that, Farah said, ‘I hope our show gets successful but as of now, we can only expect that it will gain good amount of popularity among the audience. Audience will be able to see stars doing some crazy stuff on this show and it will bring their mad side through this show which they hasn’t able to see otherwise”

Talking about Bollywood stars who appeared on this show, she said, “Farhan and Shaan surprised us. Farhan was dressed as Rishi Kapoor and was saying the dialogues from the film. He went mad. Shaan was offering jewellery to the audience to vote for him.

“Karan was fantastic and he told Farah that he will not do rehearsal. Normally the celebrities rehearse, but Karan didn’t. He performed on two songs and was natural. He was outstanding.”

“Farhan and Arjun got very competitive. They started off as friend but later they really gave tough competition to each other”

Recently, close friend of Farah, Shah Rukh Khan made surprise visit at show when she was shooting for the show, talking about that, Farah said, “Shah Rukh has promised me to come on this show but he is still to come on this show. He earlier came on the set to wish me good luck and that was very nice surprise because I wasn’t expecting him”

Talking about the show, Farah said, ‘In this show, in each episode, there will be two celebrities from bollywood, sports, music industry or television. They will contest with each other while doing lip singing which originally haven’t performed by them onscreen”

“It sounds simple but it is fun when they compete with each other and each one want to outdo each other and they come in same avatar on whom that song is originally picturized so overall I am having blast on this show”

Lip Sing Battle is a franchise of the show ‘Lip Sync Battle’. It is a popular American show and is being presented Jimmy Fallon. The concept of the show is that two celebrities will come together and dance, not on their songs but on someone else’s songs and now it is now brought to India as ‘Lip Sing Battle’. Farah Khan will be the presenter of the show, while Ali Asgar will too join her in the madness.

The show will see some of the popular names of the industry like Karan Johar, Parineeti Chopra, Farhan Akhtar, Arjun Kapoor , Shaan ,Vishial Dadlani to name a few.

Lip Sing Battle will air on Star Plus.

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