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Dia Mirza says, “Every day for me is Earth Day

Dia Mirza

Dia Mirza has always been a crusader for the environment and uses her influence and reach to inspire millions around the world to protect, conserve and act conscientiously towards Mother Earth. Today, as the world celebrates Earth Day, she showcases how no job is small, how the blame game has to stop and we have to take responsibility for every action we make.

Dia Mirza

Celebrating World Earth Day, Dia says, “Every day for me is Earth Day! But it’s important to recognise why the world needs to collectively acknowledge that we co-inhabit this incredible planet with wildlife and that nature is a great provider. Our lives, our well being is completely interdependent with wildlife and nature. And above all this is the day to consciously acknowledge that Earth is our only home.”

Dia Mirza

Having been in Himachal Pradesh shooting for her upcoming show, Dia used the opportunity to clean the mountains along with Healing Himalayas, an organization that works towards protecting the Himalayas. Working alongside locals and children, they collected tonnes of plastic buried in the ground which was choking the wildlife, the plants and even releasing toxins into the water. She unveiled a short video capturing her journey on her social media highlighting that the only way to survive is when we allow the planet to thrive.

It is a strong wake up call to all of us on Earth day to make changes in every part of our lifestyle and think for the environment, because Earth is our only home.

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