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Critics laud The Post as 2018’s best movie!

The Post

Steven Spielberg has yet again come out with a masterpiece. This time a newspaper thriller.

The Post, set in the 1970s, talks about the tense times when The Washington Post decided to publish the Pentagon Papers, the US government’s secret history of the Vietnam War.

It stars Meryl Streep as Katharine Graham, The Post’s publisher and Tom Hanks as the legendary editor Ben Bradlee.

Coming together for the second time, both the actors and the entire cast has executed the gritty screenplay to perfection.

It is unusual to see Meryl Streep play a character which is not confident, unlike her other characters. During the course of the movie though, her character develops.

The story has been crafted so as to understand why the decisions are taken then we’re difficult and puts in place the suspense as to how the decisions were made.

Spielberg confidently plays around with suspense and historical drama, and with powerhouse characters, the film has passed the tests and made it to one of the best works by Steven Spielberg.

The critics all over the world have given one of the best reviews for The Post. Not just overseas but even India whoever has watched the movie are all excited for the movie to release.

It is been said that the movie is one of the best movies based on journalism

The media is hailing about the movie as the story is based on them.

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