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Air India 20 to 50 percent discount on air fare sale valid till 18th January

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Mumbai: Air India has made an important notification for the people who are planning to book their flight ticket that the company has dropped the air fares by from 20 to 50 percent depending upon the date, time and location.

As per the updates, Air India discount offer is only valid for domestic air services. While, the people going from Mumbai to Delhi, Mumbai to Ahmedabad will have the special discount and the discount percent seems highest for these trips. While, the minimum fare recorded for a trip was Rs 1,557 and I hope we are not going to see this offer again.

It has been informed that the Air India discount offer is valid for seven days only starting from 12th January to 18th January.

In relation to this when media reached the officials then they said, “This is a lean season so demand is low. The airline is offering higher discounts on flights which have low bookings. This includes a Mumbai-Ahmedabad flight which is a domestic leg of an international flight originating from Newark,” said an airline source.

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