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​Ittefaq is an Inspired Story; Aksar 2 is not – Ananth Mahadevan

​Ittefaq, Aksar 2, Ananth Mahadevan

Filmmaker Ananth Mahadevan was spotted at the trailer and music launch of his forthcoming thriller movie Aksar 2. During his media interaction, the director stated recently released Ittefaq is inspired by a Hollywood drama.
“Ittefaq is purely an Ittefaq, and it is inspired by Signpost to murder, but this one, Aksar 2 is not an inspired film. Ittefaq is more like who done it, who is the killer film, here in my film there is no who done it, which makes it more intricate and fascinating, and it is actually a good old-fashioned suspense drama, with black humor and one more rare quality, you come out of the movie entertained by the story and the plot” said Ananth while talking about the comparison between the two films.

Further talking about the genre of the film, director Ananth Mahadevan stated that this genre has not be done in Bollywood for the longest.

“I believe after very many years, there is suspense thriller coming out. This movie is not about “who has done it or who is the killer?” But it is more of “How done it or Why done it?” I think it is a genre that has not been explored for a very long time. So I hope this effort of ours will be loved by audiences and it will entertain them and grip them”
Ananth also stated that Aksar 2 is a “noir” film, something veteran Alfred Hitchcock used to make.

“That is one of the reasons, why I attempted it because film noir, as we know it, the good old fashioned suspense dramas, which came from Hitchcock days, has been rarely exploited in Indian Cinema. We do get a film noir here and there but it is been a long time since a pure suspense film has been released. It is real seesaw in the film, who is playing whom kind of deal, it will keep audiences on the edge of the seat, guessing the motive of characters. So the unpredictability of the film is something we’re banking on. The cast is fresh and new, no one has ever cast them together before. So there is no image any of these actors carry. The unpredictability they portray in the film is something that will keep the audiences hooked” added Ananth.

Filmmaker Ananth Mahadevan also shared that due to two big Diwali releases, he postponed his movie and now feels that November is the best time.

“I think it was a very good decision by the producers. It was a tough decision to take because October was tempting but seeing in hindsight, that month belonged to only one film, which released during Diwali and other weeks were very bad. Now we’re coming in November, which fortunately is a correct decision, because 17th November is good date to release a film like this”

The film stars Gautam Rode, Abhinav Shukla, Zareen Khan and Mohit Madaan in lead roles. The film is slated to release on 17 November 2017.

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