Shanti Dynamite got a nipple piercing done for “Savita Barbie”

Mumbai: Body piercing, in fact, is nothing new. In all cultures, it is normal to decorate your body. Thus, in…

Shanti Dynamite, Savita Barbie

Mumbai: Body piercing, in fact, is nothing new. In all cultures, it is normal to decorate your body. Thus, in ancient Egypt navel decoration was reserved to queens, in ancient Rome, the nipple ring was a sign of manhood and the time of Louis XIV, in high circles was considered mandatory for the ladies. Development of piercing in the last years, after a rush-aided stars like Naomi Campbell or music video by Aerosmith, proved how wrong are all diviners so-called Lifestyle.

The piercings for women and men are part of everyday look in the disco, but as well in the bank. Piercing from a fashion hit turned into a classic, your piercing should fit into your personality.

Belly button, ear, lip and nose piercing it is one of the most popular and common body piercing today. Many Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities have got them pierced. From their noses, to their arched brows, to places we can only assume would really hurt to stick a needle through, these stars have adorned themselves with body jewelry but recent nipple piercing fashion has grabs many eyeballs. Celebrities like Rihanna, Rachel Bilson, Christina Aguilera, Pink, Nicole Richie, Amber Rose, Cassie and Janet Jackson has done nipple piercing and now Bollywood sexy siren Shanti Dynamite got listed in this sexiest list too. Recently Shanti has done her nipple piercing in London for her Bollywood movie “Savita Barbie”. The carefree actress wasn’t worried about her own current style.

Shanti Dynamite said, “Nipple piercing offers the most sensuous, sexy and feminine look by increasing the sex appeal of a woman. And it didn’t freak me out at all. I was really happy to do it. It just felt like a good one to get – a necessary one to get.”

Recently Shanti walked Cannes Red Carpet with Satish Reddy and met lots of people who advice her to do something unique and different for her upcoming Bollywood debut movie “Savita Barbie”. Shanti feels like she has every right to bare her body parts and she sees her nipple piercing as a form of artistic expression. Poised and confident, Shanti’s body language works to her advantage making her Ms Pierced Perfect.