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Movie SWEN is an abbreviation for four directions, South West East North. Four women from four parts of India. Little do they know that their lives would be connected together in a way one could never expect, the connecting link being a man, Abhay.


Directed by: Ajitesh Sharma

Writing Credits: Ajitesh Sharma

Cast: Johnny Baweja, Reeth Mazumder, Francesca Dutton, Auritra Ghosh, Manisha Pradhan, Vatsaal Raja, Jignesh Mehta

Produced By:

Rahul Aggarwal-producer
T.P. Aggarwal-producer
Johnny Baweja-co-producer
Reeth Mazumder-producer
Vinod Mohan-line producer
Shilpa Sharma-co-producer
Nitin Upadhyaya-executive producer

Music by: Siddharth Parashar, Noelle Ventresca

Cinematography by:  Diego Romero

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