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Mastram to be released on 1st May, 2014 | Watch official trailer

Mastram, release, official trailer, Video

Mumbai: Mastram directed by Akhilesh Jaiswal, which is all set to release on May 1, in an unprecedented move, will unveil the writing style of the original ‘Mastram’ writer this Sunday online.

Being launched this Sunday, the producers of the film will launch an entire segment of the Mastram style of writing through the visual medium, bringing to life the era and style of the writer of the widely popular Indian erotica, which has been around for many decades.

Presented by Sunil Bohra, produced by Ajay Rai and Sanjeev Pal Singh, the film has been making headlines for being India’s first film to trace the life and journey of India’s first ever ‘erotica’ writer.

This widely anticipated film stars Rahul Bagga,Tara Berry among others and marks director Akhilesh Jaiswal’s film debut.

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