The Lastbenchers – a tale or back benchers who have their own success stories

Mumbai: Not all are born with a silver spoon in their mouths. These include a startup group of filmmaker from…

LASTBENCHER-BOLLYWOODDHAMAKAMumbai: Not all are born with a silver spoon in their mouths. These include a startup group of filmmaker from Nagpur – the centrally located Indian city who embarked with a movie – Lastbenchers. The man behind this movie is Prajakt Rebeloma, who holds a number of caps over his head. He is the Director, Actor, Lyricist, Writer, Editor and Cinematographer of this film. He and his team made this incredible venture possible with limited resources and without having a single big brand of actors or actress unlike seen in commercial movies, except Tanvi Lonkar (the Latika of Oscar movie – Slumdog Millionaire).

An ordinary man with extraordinary commitment led this film possible and soon makes its mark when it is finally released in the coming months.

So, what is this film all about? Lastbenchers is basically a fictional story, which is rather based on a number of true events. The movie simply moves around certain quandaries and self revelations of these four young guns.

The crux of the movie rest on the enthusiasm and strengths of these guys who are failures and dropouts in their academics but prove their worth against the odds of the real life. All the four young people of the so called failure group had their own stories and fears, which makes them the back benchers in their academic life. For instance, one of the character called Deepak, has a fear of English, he is scared of speaking this language in public. On the other hand, you have another character called Sanket, who just love to hate his looks and physique. The third character in this group known as Prashant is a mechanic at a local garage who simply works to keep his wallet full. The last one- Prajakt (Tanvi Lonkar) is a college dropout who faces taunts day in and day out.

Despite their ordinary and failed academic life, they believe in making their lives cool and happening. However, soon this honeymoon period comes to an end; they have some time tested challenges before all the four people- facing the real life, the bitter world and tough life ahead. The harsh reality of being a failure in academic life haunts them till they find a goal of helping students to face their academics with courage and wisdom. Though they fail to tread the conventional path of making money, but having learnt lots of lesson from the harsh life, they buckle their shoes to make others move straight in their career path. So amidst all these ups and downs and roller coaster ride, Lastbenchers is a tale of seeing the face of failures and standing up against all odd to fix things to move ahead in life.