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Karan Malhotra talks about Akshay Kumar’s character in Brothers

Karan Malhotra, Akshay Kumar, Brothers

Mumbai: This is the 1st time ever Akshay Kumar will be playing a Catholic in a film… He will be playing David Fernandes in Karan Malhotra’s Brothers.

For the role Akshay has lost 17 kilos and he has a lot of tattoos.

Karan Malhotra talks about Akshay’s character and says that since akshay is playing a Catholic character my crew went to the bylanes of bandra and met people and saw the tattoos they had and also the way they speak…

In the film Akshay has a Jesus tattoo on his arm and a cross on his wrist.

Karan Malhotra further adds that Akshay plays a physics teacher with a hidden past.


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