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First Look: Monica Dogra’s upcoming movie “THE SPECTACULAR JIHAD OF TAZ RAHIM” trailer released

Monica Dogra, movie, THE SPECTACULAR JIHAD OF TAZ RAHIM, trailer

Mumbai: Filming on debutante director Raghav Murali’s “THE SPECTACULAR JIHAD OF TAZ RAHIM” was so intense for Monica Dogra that she wound up with bruises on her arms after a physical scene with co-star Rahsaan Islam (Bengali Film Simanaheen). That sequence is teased below in the first official trailer for the film. Dogra stars in the film as Sabrina Jiwan, “a driven young journalist who gets caught in the web of a NYPD operation.”

Taz Rahim, “a Yo Yo Honey Singh desi rapper wannabe,” is essayed by Islam, in which his character is “arrested and blackmailed by the NYPD into becoming a police informant.”

As Dogra’s Sabrina says in the clip, “In what sounds like it could pass for a James Bond film, he was asked to spy on Muslims as he lived a double life.” Also co-starring Kal Parekh (Pan Am) and Sorab Wadia (The Kite Runner), “The Spectacular Jihad of Taz Rahim” will be releasing in select theatres internationally in May 2015.

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