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Film ‘ISIS – Enemies of Humanity’ will unmask the truth behind the Terrorist organizations

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ISIS is a violent jihadist militant group and unrecognized proto-state that follows a fundamentalist, Wahhabi doctrine of Sunni Islam. It is declared as a terrorist organization by the United Nations and various other individual countries.

Yuvraj Kumar is releasing a film called “ISIS – Enemies of Humanity” that will unmask the truth behind the Terrorist organizations. The backdrop of the film speaks volumes about the functioning of ISIS which is a terrorist group playing havoc across the globe.

Yuvraj, a filmmaking student from Whistling Woods International, also from a defense background has come up with a project with a different vision, directing, acting and producing the film himself, just as the trend of multitasking suggests. Kumar says, “I am a student of World Politics. Thus when terror attacks gained momentum, it was very natural for me to start looking into it deeply. And through my research on this menace in the era of the 21stcentury, I gained an in-depth learning about the ideologies practiced by terrorist groups.”

His research extensive and diverse included tasks like following terrorist states promoted websites, watching videos, speaking to ex-army officers who had caught jihadis and also having conversations with people whose relatives had been a part of some or other extremist Jihadi group.

Yuvraj said turning it into a cinema and transforming his research into a cinematic storyline was the biggest challenge.”It had to be a form of cinema that would engage, entertain but at the same time challenge the violent terrorist ideology and present a solution towards world peace. Most importantly instead of biased judging of people who joined the terrorist groups, gaining a practical insight on what were the factors that made them do so, was a major responsibility of the film.”

“ISIS – Enemies of Humanity”, the film has the power to end extremism and radicalization, and denounce terrorism and is being released with the same motive. It exposes the Commanders of an ISIS Camp, who Indoctrinate the Youth for Violent Acts. The film outlines the sheer importance of Islam in its purest form & defies Islam which is projected by anti-social elements of the world.

The film stars Rahul Dev, Rasheed Naaz, Yuvraj Kumar, Manon Faure, Harish Bhimani, directed by Yuvraj Kumar under the banner of Atlantic Films is slated to release on 29th September 2017.


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