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Dimple’s cameo in Akshay Kumar’s upcoming movie “The Shaukeens”

Dimple, cameo, Akshay Kumar, The Shaukeens

Mumbai: The senior actress will be seen doing a friendly appearance in her son-in-law’s The Shaukeens

Over the last few years, Dimple Kapadia has been surprising the audience with her choice of offbeat and out-of-the-box films. This time around, she seems to have delivered the biggest knock-out of all. We’ve heard that Dimple has done a rib-tickling cameo in son-in-law Akshay Kumar’s latest film, The Shaukeens.

The film, in which Akshay plays his most special appearance, is releasing this Friday. Since Akshay is playing himself in the film (a spoof on himself actually), the makers felt it would be apt to bring his mother-in-law in the film to accentuate some of his characteristics. When they bounced off the idea to Akshay, he was excited with the thought. He spoke about it to Dimple and she laughed all the way while he was describing it to her. And she agreed immediately.

The portion was shot a few days back in Juhu, Mumbai. It was a miniscule unit. We hear that Akshay himself was present at the shooting. In fact, the actor even helped director Abhishek Sharma put together the entire scene. As Sharma says, “Dimple ji is a legend. Akshay being on set just made everyone a bit comfortable. At the end of the scene, Dimple ji sits in a car and drives off. That car has been driven by Akshay himself,” he reveals.

For Dimple, obviously, there was no greater joy than being a part of a film starring Akshay. “Also, the concept was so funny that I just couldn’t say no to it. It’s really nice to see how younger filmmakers are thinking these days.”

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