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Bohra goes in for record 35 posters for movie Mastram | Poster released

  • Mastram, Movie, Poster
  • Mastram
  • Mastram, Movie, Poster
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Mumbai: A pen poised on sexy pink lips, a reluctant writer on typewriter with long legs looming large in front of him, the same legs getting out of a Mastram novel, A nib shaped enticingly like a woman’s figure, a nib that looks deceivingly like cleavage, a pole dancer dancing around a pen… 35 quirky posters, each tell a tale of their own for Sunil Bohra’s Mastram, directed by Akhilesh Jaiswal.

The first of its kind marketing initiative for any film, Sunil Bohra feels that there posters are the best way to define the colours of life echoed by Mastram. Says he, “Mastram is a colourful erotica about a series of porn fictional books written by a reluctant writer who pens his novels under the pseudonym Mastram. We felt that these colourful posters that stir your thoughts will give the promotions of the film a newer twist.”
Considering that the poster is a sneek peek into the movie, Bohra seems to have his thoughts in perfect place. Says he, “Mastram is a wacky film with a different take on life. So we thought, why not present several posters instead of the routine two-three,” elaborates Bohra.
Directed by Akhilesh Jaiswal, the man who penned Gangs of Wasseypur, Mastram stars Rahul Bagga, Tara Alisha Berry, a Jar Picture Production, presented by Bohra Brothers, Mastram, produced by Ajay Rai and Sanjeev Pal Singh, hits the theatres on May 1.

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