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Black comedy or quirky comedy is part of our life says Abhinay Deo

Filmmaker Abhinay Deo who is gearing up for his upcoming film ‘Blackmail’ has said that black comedy or quirky comedy is part of our life.

Abhinay Deo attended song launch titled ‘Badla’ from ‘Blackmail’ along with Divya Dutta, Kirti Kulhari, Pradhuman Singh, Bhushan Kumar, Anuja Sathe and Arunoday Singh on Friday in Mumbai.

Abhinay Deo has knack of handling black comedy like ‘Delly Belly’ and now he has come up with ‘Blackmail’ so when asked Abhinay whether it is difficult to explore black comedy genre as there are very few directors who makes film in that zone, he said, “I don’t know how many people experiment in this genre but I feel black comedy or quirky comedy is part of our life. It just that we don’t see it in films but if see in our lives or in our surroundings, then you will find that, there is existence of dark comedy everywhere so, now the time has come to present it in an entertaining manner. Dark comedy is mostly is do with unexpected things in life and actually, reality is stranger than fiction and that is so true and if you read newspaper every day, you will observe unexpected happenings be it in politics or in common man’s life so, through this film we are trying to show that in an entertaining manner”

Blackmail director Abhinay Deo opened up about Irrfan Khan’s health and stated we should respect his privacy.

Talking about Irrfan, filmmaker Abhinay said, “I met him, he is fine and in good spirits, that is, of course, we know that he is not well. So I think he is right now away for his treatment and we should respect the family and their privacy on this particular matter. I don’t have anything more to share with you, till now we know as much as you know”

Kirti Kulhari, female lead of ‘Blackmail’ shared her experience working with Irrfan Khan, she said, “The image of Irrfan (Khan) as an actor for me has always been very quirky. I think he handles comedy so well, one the very few actors who handles comedy so well. I really expected Irrfan to be in certain way which is very simple and grounded and when I first met Irrfan at his for the readings, I came across similar Irrfan which I thought of. I was very looking forward to see his method of working and how he goes about his characters and when I met him on film set he suggested me to do something that doesn’t come to me naturally so, I really think where my thinking about acting as craft ends, Irrfan start to think from that end. His knowledge of his craft is amazing and he is technically really sound as well so there is quite a bit to take from this film and him so, I hope I get more opportunities in future to work with him”

‘Blackmail’ is black comedy drama film co-produced and directed by Abhinay Deo.[Starring Irrfan Khan and Kirti Kulhari, the film is produced under the banner of T-Series.The first teaser of the film was released on 14 February 2018 and is scheduled to release on 6 April 2018.

Black comedy or quirky comedy is part of our life says Abhinay Deo
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