Video Launch Of unofficial Fifa song By Hard Kaur | Watch here

Fifa song, Hard Kaur

Mumbai: The Video Of unofficial Fifa song by Hard Kaur “Goal Mar Goal Mar Goal” has finally been launched on youtube. The song is already popular all over. The song, lyrics, composer & even in video all in one is done by Hard Kaur. Hard Kaur Says “The main reason for the delay of video launch is that the best four teams are already rocking playing on the field.

The video is in Indian Hip Hop Style. All are curious to know which team is going to win. So to relieve little tension and to enjoy the Fifa Fever everyone must watch the song fifa video by Hard Kaur”.

The Video is simply amazing after seeing the video all of us gets charged up & feel like tapping or feet along with the beats of the song. The song totally matches the visuals of the video and even to the beats of the song. The video totally covers up everything that relates to the football.

The video is funny the reason for it is that the people are in tension thinking about which team will play the best so anyone who watches the video will totally be gear up & cheer more for Fifa World Cup. The lyrics of the song is also such once you listen you keep singing the song all time.

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