Stay Tuned With Music – World Music Day

Mumbai: Everyone is aware & everybody knows that 21st June is celebrate as the “World Music Day”. This day first…

World Music Day

Mumbai: Everyone is aware & everybody knows that 21st June is celebrate as the “World Music Day”. This day first began in France in 1982 and now it is close to 100 countries of the world celebrate this great festival of music. Many overseas country music concerts are held on this day. We spoke to some celebrity singers of our country and asked them what does music means to them exactly in reference to their context? What importance does music play in their life??

Kailash Kher: Music has a great power and this because of God grace. Whoever gets this power their life completely sparkling. In my life there music & music only. Without music I cant even think about living my life. Whatever today I am in my life all because of music which has bought me here today. I specially want to thank the audience who have all kept liking my music. This way people show shower their lover to me & they should enjoy my music.

Mikey McCleary: Bartender Fame Mikey says that whatever I have gained in life till today it is all beacuse of the music. My heart & soul all beats for music. On this world music day I want to wish everyone “ Happy World Music Day”. On my music journey without the love of my audience I am nothing and also enjoy my latest video chase every dream hope you all like that.

Hard Kaur: I want to wish everyone A very Happy World Music Day & without music life would be so incomplete i feel. Without music my Life is just lifeless. Music & Time are two best things in life which can decrease any human pain or tension in any one life and on music day i am revealing to all that within couple of days you will see my new song of World Cup football as this song completely dedicated to all football fans of India and world enjoy.

Nakash Aziz: Saree Ke Fall Sa fame Nakash who is enjoying the success of his latest song Beqasoor dil of film Lekar hum deewana dil says with music we can express & share everything. Music has no language & no particular words is important it all what you feel you express it. Let the music be of any language it always pulls you towards it to hear. It all because of music people know me today. Wishing everyone Happy World Music DAY enjoy dance & sing.

Mohmmad Irfan: “Banjara” fame singer Irfan is been known by all. Music directly touches the heart. Music is been heard anytime be is happy time or sad time listen to music people mood get completely alright. Celebrate this day with all joy & happiness listen to all your favourite music & stay tuned with my music too.

Shahid Mallya: Singer of “Rabba Mein Toh Mar Gaya” Shahid says that whenever you are alone or nobody is with you music is the best supporter and always there. Staying without music is really a difficult task. Music is in my blood. Now i have to go very ahead in the field of music. For this day everyone keep listening to music & tap your feet. Happy World Music Day.