“Music really boosted me and luckily I was quite popular in my school as a singer,” says Suhail Zargar

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Mumbai: Suhail Zargar the popular fame came up with Waseem Sabir’s album ‘O Meri Jaan’ talks with us about his exprience and life sharing his interest over music.

Telling us about his exprience with ‘O Meri Jaan’ as it was completely romentic turn daddy beti love when we asked him about his feeling that if it would be romantic version he could have got much more easy publicty. The actor adds, “My experience with ‘O Meri Jaan’ was exceptional. I enjoyed every bit of it whether it was Audio or video. When Waseem told me about the video of O Meri Jaan depicting Father Daughter relation I was little hesitant as the song in reality was a complete romantic track but eventually when he narrated the story and the cause I was more than happy and delighted. Not at all do I feel the response would have been better if it was just a romantic no. In fact the video has come up so well that now I don’t even think that O Meri Jaan is actually a romantic no. And the response what we have received from all across proves it.”

When we asked him about his music talent and the difficulties he faced up to come up as a music composer and singer. The actor tells, ” As a kid I was very shy and introvert. Never could I express what I felt and that lead me to self contemplation several times and I realized that the best thing and the thing which I enjoy doing most was music. I started listening to different kind of music from western to Ghazals which enhanced my singing and my composing as well as writing. Music really boosted me and luckily I was quite popular in my school as a singer. Making a mark as a music director, writer and singer is really a difficult task and that too in the days where without marketing nothing sells. So even for me it was a very tough journey, even to just meet someone from industry is a difficult task, forget about giving your music. People just want a name but forget to understand that unless an Artist doesn’t get work or even one opportunity how he/she will be able to prove his/her worth. Nevertheless now things are in decent shape and I hope and wish they exceed from here.”

We asked later, if he found more difficult job either being Composer, singer or acting. He shares, “Not difficult but I think writing and composing is more brain consuming whereas acting and singing are like having fun. So I enjoy all of them.”

Moving forward we asked about the next actor planning for after the album ‘O Meri Jaan’ Actor tells, ” I am already working on a new song and there are few more things which are lined up.”

Further Actor tourch on bondng of his with director and producer Wasim sabir. He adds, ” Waseem and I are in real sense more than brothers. We are in fact very much alike in so many ways and ya do differ in opinion somewhere at times but that is what makes a perfect balance.I feel really blessed and lucky to know the real Waseem sabir which very few people know. The best thing about him is that he doesn’t change with the situation but changes the situation with him. A person with pure class, intellect and extraordinary soul. He is not just my brother but one of the most important part of my life and I am blessed.”

We wish actor a bright future ahead!

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