Music composer “Lalit Pandit” talks about his upcoming music composition “Sham o Sehar”& “Mast Hawa” in the film “Shorgul”

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Music composer Lalit Pandit along with Actress Suha Gezen- Lead actor of the film addresses the media about his upcoming music composition “Sham o sehar” & “Mast Hawa” in the film “Shorgul”

One of the most influential factors associated with the film “Shorgul’s”album is undoubtedly the supremely talented composer Lalit Pandit. With his melodious and light-hearted melodies framed in many films, Lalit Pandit is all set to wow the millions with the song
“Sham o Sehar”& “Mast Hawa” in soon to release film “Shorgul”.

“All the songs in the album are composed keeping the story line in mind. Each song holds a meaning and goes in sync with the film and takes the story line forward. Every song is lyrically high which is in amalgamation with some of the best singers who have lent their melodious voices to the album of the film” says Lalit Pandit.

The album has different situational songs which work very well in the film It’s definitely a plus point in the film and if the film works to a decent potential the songs will help the film go to greater lengths.

The film is directed by Pranav singh and co director Jitentra. The film will touch upon grave events that have transpired in the recent past such as Muzzafarnagar, Godhra, Babri Masjid riots apart from making references to the misdoings of some high profile dignitary. It’s a love story with a backdrop of Godhra riot situation and there is only one love song ‘Sham o Sehar’, which stands out in the film apart from ‘Barudi hawa’. A song picturized on Suha Gezen revolving around the riots situation..! Pranav Singh seems to have done a good job handling the song picturization with the wonderful song of Lalit Pandit.

Shorgul will also star actors Sanjay Suri, Narendra Jha, Hiten Tejwani, Eijaz Khan, Suha Gezen, Anirudh Dave and Deepraj Rana.

The Film slated to release on 24th June, 2016.

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