Mika Singh is the pioneer of creating his own music says Shaan.

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Shaan and Mika Singh were present at the song launch of ‘Nain Na Jodi’ to support singer and friend Richa Sharma. During media interaction Shaan said, Mika Singh, is the pioneer of creating his own music.

“Mika Singh is the pioneer of creating your own music, creating your own hype and style. So we are also trying our best to get there. So I am very happy for Richa since she has created her own music and her own mark in the industry. She is an amazing singer we all know but she has also done an amazing job at acting in the song.” Said Shaan on Monday.

Song ‘Naina Na Jodi’ sung by Richa Sharma also features Saar has cross 2 Lakhs views on Ampliify Times’s YouTube channel.
Mika who was also present at the launch said he is happy for Richa’s success and no matter how many times he listens to her sing, new or old songs it is always a pleasant experience. “She is a very versatile singer. I wish her a very good luck and I want to say that she will be performing 18 shows across The USA. And believe we haven’t seen any other singer who has performed for 18 shows. It will be the first and will be done by our Richa Sharma. My best wishes for Richa and her team for the World Tour.”

Richa further added, “In all the people that I know I believe Mika is the most humble and welcoming person I know. No matter what it is, he will not back down, even if he has to help someone or just be there for support. He is the first one to be there for you and I just want to thank our king Mika Singh.”

Richa Sharma will be touring across The United States of America and Canada from 30th September to 5th November 2017. is owned & managed by Media Minds Solutions


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