Jazzy B depicts a true Sikh in his recent single ‘Sighan Diyan Gadiyan’

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Mumbai: Crown Prince of Bangra a.k.a. Jazzy B has always an edge over other singers because of his funky hair dos and edgy videos. Jazzy B is back with a bang with his new single ‘Sighan Diyan Gadiyan’.

The song truly portraits a true Sikh, the singer who arrived in his yellow Hummer at the launch of the solo song said, ‘Sighan Diyan Gadiyan is nothing but a reflection of a Sikh – all royal, courageous and full of life. The whole idea behind the song is to give my audience a feel of grandeur and arouse their pride in their community.’

The video of the song featuring Jazzy B himself standing infront of an old coal train engine with best graphics and women doing ‘gidda,’ which is very different from his previous videos. This video is been directed by famous brother duo of Punjabi film industry, Rimpy and Prince.Within few days of its release on YouTube more than 9 lakhs people have already watched it.

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