INTERVIEW: Singer Nakash Aziz Dreams Came True and Got Fulfilled….

MumbaiL Nakash Aziz has sung limited song but all hit songs. One of the popular song is “Saree Ke Fall…

INTERVIEW, Singer, Nakash Aziz

MumbaiL Nakash Aziz has sung limited song but all hit songs. One of the popular song is “Saree Ke Fall Sa” from the movie R Rajkumar. The other hit song is “Dil Beqasoor” from the new movie Lekar Hum Deewana Dil”. Ideal music composer for Nakash is A.R Rehman. Dil Beqasoor song he has sung totally in unique way & won the love from the audience. This romantic song is different from his previous songs. Very well expressed his emotions in this song. Few days back we meet Nakash here are few things we asked him enjoy reading the conversation below:

1)  Tell us something about the song Dil Beqasoor Hai???

It is a romantic song, I & Shweta Pandit has sung this song. Amitabh Bhattacharya has written lyrics & A.R Rehman Sir has given music. Director Arif Ali has directed this film & audience are liking the songs of the movie

2) This song is totally different then your previous songs. Any special reason behind this???

The reason is this I want to sing all type of songs,I don’t want to be typecast for any particular style of singing and i am lucky enough that Rehman Sir think that I can sing Bekasoor song and give me this soft song to me.

3)  How was the experience working with A.R Rehman???

Working with A.R Rehman Sir is always a great experience. Earlier also I have worked with Rehman Sir But not full length song , first time I have sung romantic song for him. Working with A.R Rehman Sir for this song like my dreams come true.

4) How is the response of the audience regarding this song???

Audience are liking the song very much. Even I am liking it. Earlier I have sang songs like Dhating Naach, Gandi Baat. All these songs are full of fun & energy.

5) How do feel when you are so popular & loved among the auidence???

I have struggled a lot to reach till this position. Behind this there lot of contribution of my Mom and Dad. In life every step they are always there with me. During my childhood anywhere I took part in any performance my Mama came along with me however far it used to be. My father works in Bank & he has also given me all the luxurious in my music life like expansive instruments & never made me feel anything missing in my life.

6) What do you enjoy the most recording or at the stage???

Both the places have different enjoyment & the best you feel near the audience who love you. Performing in front of them is the most amazing thing I feel. When you sing song on the stage on the spot reaction you get from the people.

7)  Last year you sang many hit songs like Dhating Naach, Gandi Baat, Saree Ke Fall Sa as these songs were loved by the audience now what new???

Last year was a great time I sang three hit songs and for my favorite cricket player also I sang Sachin Anthem. Now Dil Beqasoor song is on the top hit list, as my new songs will come I will tell you’ll.

8) Whatever songs who have sang with Pritam is all full of fun & with A.R Rehman all simplicity songs how come???

Whenever I am with Pritam Da we always do lot of masti & that is why I get songs with him that way only. Rehman Sir is very silent & peace person so with him I have to stay that way itself so I get songs also that way to sing. According to nature of people I Got songs.

9) You are lucky for Shahid Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor is lucky for u and have sung any other song for him???

You can say that but for me He is Lucky that I have sang songs for him in the movie R Rajkumar & Phata Poster Nikhla Hero which was a super hit. Now I have not sung any song for him but I will love to do it again and again.