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Why Sonakshi sinha was absent from Arpita Marriage, Tevar promotion at Bigg Boss?

Sonakshi sinha, Arpita Marriage, Tevar, Bigg Boss

Mumbai: Things seems not well between Bollywood actor Salman Khan and actress Sonakshi Sinha and her absence from Arpita marriage also raises many question in the industry.

Salman Khan and Sonakshi Sinha has worked for many movies and it is also claimed in the industry that the couple are very good friends on both personal and professional level.

In relation to this when we had a conversation with few people then it was also said that the actress was offered a film but actress refused to work with him and this is expected to be the reason for this behaviour.

Along with this Sonakshi’s upcoming movie Tevar promotion took place on television show Bigg Boss 8- but actress was again absent from the promotional activities.

Well, it happens with good friends and we hope things get well between the Salman and Sonakshi as they had worked for hitmaker movie.

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