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Vidya Balan wish to meet weavers of handloom saris!

Vidya Balan, handloom

Mumbai: Bollywood actress Vidya Balan, whose penchant for wearing and collecting saris is well known, is now keen to learn more about their creations and promote indigenous textiles.

The actress recently received 21 hand-woven saris from an ardent fan who also happens to own a brand of handloom saris in the south..Vidya has expressed a desire to visit a few handlooms and perhaps meet with the weavers too.The powerhouse actress, who put the sari back on the Indian fashion map,looks forward to interacting with them to understand and help promote handloom fabrics .

When contacted, Vidya said, “I love hand-woven garments, and I wear a lot of saris created by designers who work with weavers from across India. I look forward to meeting the artists behind these creations to see how a design on paper translates into fabric through yarn.

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