Upcoming Telugu film ‘EK Mini Katha’ directly releasing on Amazon prime Video!

See the Ek Mini Katha trailer here.

EK Mini Katha
Source: Twitter

Initially meant for a theatrical release, the new Telugu movie ‘Ek Mini Katha’ has now been picked up by Amazon Prime Video and will release on the streaming platform soon. The film is going to star Santosh Sobhan and Kavya Thapar in lead roles. It is going to be an adult comedy with an important social message.

Official streaming platform, Amazon Prime Video shared the news on their social media handle about ‘Ek Mini Katha’s’ release and mentioned, “A mini tale of love, comedy and everything in between!
Watch #EkMiniKathaOnPrime on May 27.
Trailer out tomorrow. ”

The trailer for the same was also released and the description read, “Santosh suffers from a psychological problem which causes him to be insecure about his “size”. Struggling to find a solution, he erases the idea of marriage altogether but when he meets Amrutha, he finds himself falling in love and in trouble. What follows is a comical circus around his family as Santosh tries to find a solution.”

See the Ek Mini Katha trailer here:

Directed by Karthik Rapolu, Ek Mini Katha will be releasing on Amazon Prime Video on 27 May 2021.