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Triple Truffle Roles For Anshuman Jha!

Anshuman Jha

Mumbai: Ten different filmmakers come together to make one super film voyaging 10 different cities in order to trace the journey of an individual’s life. His journey from boyhood to manhood along with the affected relationships has been uncovered in this movie named “X”.

Upcoming movie “X” is the story of one night when K is trying to recall something.

Anshuman Jha, who plays the protagonist K ( Krishna), plays three different young age- groups, while Rajat Kapoor takes the character ahead by playing as old as 42 year old and 46 year old man.
Anshuman also romances three ladies Pia Bajpai, Swara Bhaskar and Huma Qureshi at different stages of his life in the film “X”.
The divergent reaction of a 16year old boy and a 26 year old man at a same situation has been captured effortlessly in this film of decades.

“Every director approached the story with a fresh perspective. The segment where I am 16 has been directed by Nalan Kumaraswamy who has brought authentic Chennai into the film as is the case with the Delhi and Mumbai segments,” says Anshuman.
“It’s the most emotionally draining film of my career thus far,” concluded the versatile actor

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