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Top Bollywood Celebrities who supported Aamir Khan “PK”

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Mumbai: Aamir Khan “PK” seems under controversy from the day it touch the silver screen for hurting hindu sentiments. Few people registered legal complaint against the movie while, on the other hand Aamir Khan close friends and many Bollywood celebrity has been seen standing with Aamir Khan.

We have collected the response of Bollywood celebrities about Aamir Khan’s PK –

1) Salman Khan said, “Is ‘PK’ not an amazzziiiiing film?”
2) Karan Johar said, “Attacking a duly censored film has to stop! What kind of a democracy are we living in?? No film should be targeted or be allowed to… #PK.”
3) Ritesh Sidhwani tweeted over his official account, “‘PK’ is a must watch. I am a believer and nowhere does it hurt our sentiments or questions religion. In fact it teaches you to love. And not fear in the name of God. What it rightfully does is questions the so called messengers and their role between us and our belief.”
4) Uday Chopra (Actor, producer) said, “What a wonderful film! I am bowled over. It is the most important film that every Indian should see.”
5) Shekhar Kapur said, “I found ‘PK’ very entertaining. But I still admire the amazing selfless work some of our spiritual leaders are doing for our people #PKdebate.”
6) Actor Ranvir Shorey said, “I would say these morons vandalising against ‘PK’ should go get jobs, except that we all know this is their livelihood.”

The movie is doing great on Box Office and we will soon get back with the latest updates.

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