Tony Kakkar releases romantic ballad ‘Oh Sanam’ with Shreya Ghoshal

See Tony Kakkar’s ‘Oh Sanam’ music video here.

Oh Sanam, Tony Kakkar
Source: Instagram

Singing sensation from the Indian music industry Tony Kakkar released a new song recently titled ‘Oh Sanam’. Celebrated singing diva Shreya Ghoshal collaborated with him in this new track. Unlike most of Tony Kakkar’s songs which are cheerful and upbeat, this one had a different vibe to it.

The very beautiful, Hiba Nawab starred in the ‘Oh Sanam’ music video along with Tony Kakkar. Both of them posed as lovers on the run in the song. They have escaped and start a new life together. Picturesque locations were also used in the song and their chemistry also worked well with the music. There is an unexpected twist at the end of the song.

See Tony Kakkar’s ‘Oh Sanam’ music video here:

Along with singing the song, Tony Kakkar also acted as the lyricist and composer of the song ‘Oh Sanam’. While Rahul Sharma was responsible for recording it.  It was produced by Anshul Garg and Satti Dhillon directed the music video. It is currently trending at #4 on Youtube.