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Today all superstars are exposed; Pehlaj Nihalani comments on big stars failure at the box-office in 2017

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Former CBFC chief and producer Pehlaj Nihalani is gearing up for his upcoming release Julie 2, which is being distributed by him. While promoting the film, Nihalani interacted with media and in media interaction, Nihalani stated that today all superstars have been exposed as their big budgeted films didn’t worked at the box-office in 2017.

When asked what prompted him to distribute film like Julie 2 and content in the filmmaking, he said, “This year big stars films didn’t worked at the box-office despite releasing their films around festive season. In holiday season, you can earn extra 30-40% benefit and that makes big stars stronger than small actors. If you are genuinely established star and if you have guts to prove your worth then they should release their film on normal date.”

“If films don’t have content then films of big stars will not work either. They have been exposed today. Audience is seeking complete package in the film now small actors are taking a film on their shoulder. If you see actor like Ayushmann Khurrana who has done exceeding well in a time, where Shah Rukh and Salman’s films didn’t worked at the box-office.”

“If you take example of Alia Bhatt’s Dear Zindagi, she has single handedly made her film successful. Shah Rukh was disappointment in Dear Zindagi. Instead of Shah Rukh , if any actor would have work in that film then also that film would have worked”.

When asked him why he took decision to distribute film like Julie 2 who calls himself Sanskari, which has shown adult content in its trailer, he said, “People shouldn’t jump on conclusion. People till now haven’t seen the film so they should not judge book by its cover till the time film doesn’t get released. People can blame me only after watching the film then only I can take responsibility for that. This is my business and my responsibility. I have fulfilled my business and responsibility with dignity, honesty and in transparent manner”.

When asked him whether he took any kind of advantage to promote his film when he was in chair as CBFC chief, he said, “I didn’t received any payment or salary as CBFC chief. Government didn’t gave me any transport facility and I never gave my transport allowances to the government. I used to serve tea to my guest in office with my personal expenses. If anyone can file RTI , then will not find anything against me. Government has given me the responsibility to me so I honored that and as far as question of promoting my own movies when I was CBFC chief shouldn’t arise because I don’t see this in that way. I am not a businessman or trader who only thinks about profit and loss. In my tenure as CBFC chief, I have tried fulfill my duty with honesty and integrity”

Julie 2 stars Raai Laxmi in lead role. It is releasing on 6th October, 2017.

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