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Tisca Chopra: it’s your choice to say yes or no!

Tisca Chopra

Mumbai: Well known actress Tisca Chopra has worked for many popular movies and this time during a conversation with media person she opened her voice regarding the casting couch situations.

In relation to this she said, “It’s a question of supply and demand. The supply of actors is far greater than their demand and so the directors and producers demand something extra for giving chances to aspirants.”

She added, “I have never heard of anybody raping anyone. Much to my relief there is an equal number of gay directors, so now it’s an even playing field. Guys get accosted as much as women do and it’s your choice to say yes or no.”

“You call their bluff and say I am better than this, ‘I can do this on my own merit’. So what I am saying is, there are ways to avoid it and while you are doing it you can have some fun. Nobody is going to spend crores for what is available for a few thousand rupees is my contention. If you feel that you are not good enough and you need to throw in a few mirchi and dhania (spices)… then it’s your call.”

While, this is a seriously topic in Bollywood industry and these days actor and actress are dealing with it and most of the people don’t wish to talk about it. It’s seriously a strong step taken by the actress Tisca Chopra to add comment on this topic.

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